"Plants have always been my faithful companions and their wonderful healing properties have never once let me down. I am utterly convinced that nature provides us with everything we need to protect and maintain our health. --Alfred Vogel, founder of Bioforce

Alfred Vogel spent his whole life studying nature's pharmacy in order to help the sick and show people how to maintain their health. It all began when he started trying out his own traditional knowledge of the healing properties of indigenous plants. He made the ground-breaking discovery that in most cases, the fresh plant was far more effective than the dried herb. Based upon this conclusion he finally developed his own methods for the extraction and preservation of freshly-prepared plant-based remedies. Alfred Vogel was always concerned to get a picture of a person's entire physical and spiritual condition; he always took a patient's living conditions into account and tried to treat all of the causes of any illness.

The company Bioforce was founded in Roggwil in the Swiss canton of Thurgau by Vogel in 1963. His aim was to supply a growing number of patients with natural remedies and other health-giving products which met his own high standards. "

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