Fresh Wave

Fresh Wave

"Fresh Wave products are created and manufactured by OMI Industries, a world leader in odor control. For over twenty years, OMI has been solving a multitude of industrial odor problems. While clearing the air in some of the world's smelliest factories, processing plants and landfills, their team realized the same technology would have a place in the average household. Since the odor-fighting ingredients are made from plant oils and are all natural, they are safe for adults, children and even pets.

In 2003, Fresh Wave consumer products were launched - all with the same odor-eliminating, natural extract ingredients. Since then the Fresh Wave line has grown to include sprays, gels, candles, pearl packs, vaccum pearls, carpet shake and laundry & cleaning additive. They have also developed odor-neutralizing solutions for pet owners with Fresh Wave Pets."

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