Mason Pearson

Mason Pearson

"Mason Pearson has established a unique reputation for hair brushes. The reason for this is partly in the design and partly in the versatility of the brushes. The design consists of unique spired tufts of boar bristle, or nylon, or bristle-and-nylon mixture, set in a pneumatic pad so that every tuft penetrates right through to the scalp. In addition, all of the materials are of the highest quality. The brushes are made in different sizes and materials, at a wide range of prices. There is one for every type of hair.

The Genuine Mason Pearson brushes were invented by Mason Pearson in 1885 in London, England. They are known world-wide as The Distinctive Hairbrush and have been known to be passed from one generation to another. The pure boar bristle tufts have the highest reputation for polishing and maintaining the hair. They are able (like your own hair shafts) to hold moisture, which help lift away dirt and dust and distribute natural oils from the scalp. It is the ideal brush for normal, fine, or damaged hair.

The nylon tufts are good for penetrating the most difficult hair.
The mixture of boar bristle and nylon tufts is a good combination for thick or long hair, and is the ideal brush for anyone just becoming accustomed to brushing his or her hair."

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