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"Cold Sores Begone? was developed by Robin Barr, a lifetime cold sore sufferer who experienced four or five outbreaks a year. Each occurrence was occasionally preceeded by flu-like symptoms, always painful, and because the cluster of open blisters around the mouth is unsightly, was also embarrassing. Worse, it took two very long weeks to heal.

With no science background, but frustrated, Robin researched herbs and other ingredients which might be helpful for herpes simplex I, the virus which causes cold sores. She found clinical studies conducted in Germany indicating certain herbs which showed promise in the early treatment of an infection. The herbs were easily obtainable, and Robin went to work creating a topical ?potion? in her kitchen. The next time she felt the dreaded ?tingling? sensation on her lip, an early warning symptom of an impending infection, she applied the remedy. At best, she hoped for reduced severity, and waited for the eruption. And waited. It never occurred. Application for subsequent infections produced the same result. Because of such positive results, she shared the product with friends, and eventually started her business."

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