"The badger hair shaving brush is a supreme instrument in the gentleman's arsenal of shaving requisites and a potent symbol of masculine presence in any bathroom.

Many of the brushes which work up a lather on some of the most distinguished faces in the world, or are plied with dexterity by the more discerning barbers, can trace their origins to the Isle of Man.

Progress Vulfix has been producing shaving brushes for over half a century and is the premier manufacturer of badger brushes in the United Kingdom. The company is renowned for its value for money, top of the range products and a first class reputation for service in the wet shaving market.

The highest quality shaving brushes utilize differing grades of badger hair for its softness and water retention qualities, while standard brushes employ the harder hog's bristle or man-made fibres or a mixture of the two.

The shaving brush handles are cut in the main from polyester plastic rods and turned on lathes to form the wide range of available shapes."

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