Wise Consumer Products

Wise Consumer Products

"Frankincense & Myrrh? products are effective, safe, natural blends of homeopathic ingredients and 100% pure essential oils, developed by Wise Consumer Products Co, based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Founder Bill Wise, a former research and development manager at two large pharmaceutical companies, has built the Frankincense & Myrrh? brand around the guiding principles that all of its products must be effective, safe and all natural.

Frankincense & Myrrh? products are made from all natural plant extracts. They use plant based homeopathic medicines, essential oils, carrier oil and vitamin E. The ingredients that are in their products are there for a health specific reason. They choose not to add other ingredients (natural or chemical based) for thickners, gelling agents or creams because any addition is one more step away from the way nature created our medicines."

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